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How to Book a Session (4min)

Written Steps

This next section is a written version of everything covered in the video above.

How to Access the Booking Page

The two easiest ways to access our booking pages are from the booking tab or pricing tab on our website.

If you already know exactly what you want to book, the booking tab would be your best option. From this tab you would select the bundle or package you want to book and it will take you directly to that booking page.

If you’d like to see an overview of what each package includes, you will want to choose the pricing tab. Once that page loads, scroll down to the pricing section, and you will see a full breakdown of every photo, video and aerial package we offer, as well as our bundled options.

Once you know what package or bundle, you would like to book click on the book now button to load the booking page.

Booking Page – Completing It

From the booking page the first thing you’ll need to do is fill in your contact information.

Next, select the bundle or package you would like to book. For this example, we will select bundle 3

Once you have selected your bundle, you will need to check the availability of our team for your job. For this example, I’ll use myself by clicking on Jeremy’s availability. Which will load my availability calendar.

There are a few things I would like to point out with regards to our availability Calendars. First in the top right hand corner you will see the time zone listed as Edmonton. This is only in reference to the time zone, not the location of the shoot.

The red dot indicates today’s date and our calendars are open for booking appointments from 9 AM till 9 PM Monday through Sunday. Appointments booked online are subject to a minimum of 32 hours notice. So if you have an urgent request for next day or same-day service, please contact us directly and we will do our best to fit you in.

Once you select a date by clicking on it, you will see two types of appointment slots available. Available appointment slots will highlight in red and display as white and unavailable appointment slots will be greyed out.

Once you have selected your appointment, you will see a breakdown of what’s included in the session you’ve selected. This is the same information that is over on our pricing page. If you need to make any changes, click the edit button in the right hand corner.

At this point if you’d like to add anything additional to the package you were booking, you would do that from the additional services section.

For this example we will add aerial video and photo, a realtor intro and narration, and text overlays to the video.

Next provide the property address and any specific access information we would require to gain access to the property or building. As well as any additional details that you might like us to know about the property, for example features within the home that you want us to focus on or that you might like to highlight.

The last thing to do is to accept the terms and conditions and if you’d like to review these, these are listed on our website via the link above the button.

At the bottom of the screen you will click the continue button, which will display your subtotal on the payment screen.

Payment Screen

From the payment screen, it will give you a breakdown of each item you are booking. The tax on your order followed by your total.

Then you would input your credit card information and click the submit button to confirm and pay for your booking.

If you need to make adjustments before you pay, click the cancel button in the top left-hand corner to return to the booking screen.

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